Redstor Backup Pro
professional off site backup

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⭐️ Do you worry about the loss or corruption of your business data?

⭐️ How much disruption would it cause to your business if your critical data files were lost or corrupted?

I can help you by providing one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive professional offsite backup solutions currently available. I can protect your data by storing it, fully encrypted, in two high security UK based datacentres owned by Redstor, allowing you to restore your data 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in the event of data loss or corruption.

It doesn’t matter if your data is stored on a file server, a desktop computer, or a laptop. I can back your data up remotely for you from that device and monitor that the backups are running correctly every single weekday.

Let me manage your data backups, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Prices start from £18.00 per month including VAT for the standard (30GB) plan on our Redstor Pro fully managed backup service. There are two plans which will suit most sizes of small business and data:

Price per month incl VAT on a single machine (includes daily monitoring of backups)

Standard (up to 30GB of data) £18.00 (our most popular plan with over 70% of clients on this)
Big data (up to 60GB of data) £36.00

If you have over 60GB of data, we can do a specific quote, or look at moving that data into either Microsoft365 or Google Workspace, and then using our Dropsuite backup solution which can be far more cost effective when you are backing up large amounts of data.

Call me for more information or a free 28 day trial of my professional offsite backup solution from Redstor, one of the leaders in data backup and disaster recovery.

Dropsuite Backup
professional off site backup for
Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

If you use either Microsoft365 or Google Workspace then you need Dropsuite rather than Redstor Backup Pro.

Dropsuite will automatically backup your email mailboxes, OneDrive files, Sharepoint sites and documents, Teams sites, Contacts, Tasks and Calendars (and the Google Workspace equivalents).

Your backups are stored in a UK based, Tier-3, secure datacentre.

It’s easy to recover lost or corrupted items back into Microsoft365 / Google Workspace, or download local copies if the Microsoft / Google cloud system is completely down

Dropsuite is charged by the number of Microsoft 365 / Google Workspace users in the tenancy.

1 – 15 users are £16.80 per month per user including VAT.
Additional users above the initial fifteen are £3.00 per month per user including VAT
So, for example, two users is £33.60 per month, seven users is £117.60 per month, and thirty users is £297.00 per month

Everything is included in the monthly charge, setup, daily monitoring, and assisting you with performing regular test restores (backup is no good if you don’t regularly test it works).

Call me for more information or a free 28 day trial of this professional offsite backup solution for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace from Dropsuite.