Benefits of Redstor Backup Pro

The benefits of Redstor Backup Pro

In our opinion Redstor Backup Pro is the most advanced and secure backup system available to small businesses in the UK. Why is this and what are the main benefits:

  • Automation – Redstor Backup Pro never forgets to run your backups. Have you ever been just about to leave the office, and then realised that you have not yet run the backups? Do you run the backups and then miss the train, or get stuck in the rush hour traffic? Or do you leave the backups until tomorrow morning and hope there isn’t a problem with your data overnight? With Redstor Backup Pro the backups will automatically run two, three, or four times a day, every day, without you having to do anything.

  • Off-site storage – You are protected from any disaster as your backup data is held off-site in a UK based secure datacentre. It is then automatically mirrored to a second UK based datacentre. Your backup data is totally safe offsite and ready for use if your actual data is damaged by theft, flood, fire, accidental deletion or corruption, deliberate deletion or corruption, or a virus or ransomware attack. As your backups are physically off-site and not attached to your local network they cannot be compromised. You also have the option of holding a local copy of the backups if you wish.

  • Encryption – Your sensitive data is safe and secure. Your data is encrypted using 256 bit encryption and TLS ciphers before it even leaves your premises. This means that your data cannot be accessed or read by anyone while it is off-site.

  • Remotely checked and monitored – Chris at ASL will check your backups every working day using the remote management console. He can remotely see if a backup has failed or not run, and then keep an eye on the next backup to see if that works correctly. If you have not had a successful backup for two full working days he will be in touch to find out if there is a valid reason for this (maybe that computer is turned off or not connected to the internet). In the unlikely event that something has gone wrong with the backup software (it does happen very occasionally) he will rectify the problem remotely, all included in the monthly fee.

  • Multiple daily backups – by backing up your data two, three, or four times throughout the day we can ensure that if your data does get damaged or corrupted, and a restore is required, we can recover that data as it was a few hours prior to the issue. You don’t have to lose a whole days changes or updates.

  • Ease of recovery – a file, folder or all your data can be easily restored with just a few mouse clicks using the intuitive supplied software. You can recover your data as it was at the point of the latest backup, or go back in time to any previous backup during the whole of the current and previous month. So if something was deleted or corrupted three weeks ago, you can still get it back as it was prior to the deletion or corruption.

  • Totally scalable – Redstor can backup any amount of data. We have some customers that are using Redstor to backup hundreds of Gigabytes. We usually don’t recommend online backup for clients with in excess of one Terabyte of data per site due to the constraints of upload speed of broadband connections (unless you have SDSL data connections).

  • Cost effective – Prices start from £18 per month including VAT. We are now doing bundles, just like you get on mobile phones, with data plans to suit all sizes of business. If your requirements change, you just move up a plan, or down a plan. A plan covers one device with data sizes as below:
  • 20GB £18
  • 40GB £36
  • 60GB £54
  • 80GB £72
  • 100GB £90
  • 250GB £200
  • 500GB £360
  • 750GB £405
  • 1000GB £540

For more details, or a 28 day trial contact Chris at ASL Computer Services on 07852 159092.