7 Cyber Security Tips – Number 3

7 Cyber Security Tips

Number 3 – Don’t let your web browser store your passwords

A lot of people let their browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) store passwords for them.

It’s convenient isn’t it.

A few years ago, I used to do this as well, until I found out how dangerous it is.

Hacking tools are freely available that can silently steal all the usernames and passwords stored in your browser, in just a few seconds.

I downloaded one of these hacking tools, and tried it out myself.

It took me less that twenty seconds to extract all the account / site URL / username / password combinations stored in Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

So, don’t let your web browser store any of your passwords, you might as well write them all in big letters on the front of your house, they are that easy to steal.

Get yourself a proper password manager like Bitwarden or 1Password, and protect yourself from the cyber criminals.