7 Cyber Security Tips – number 1

7 Cyber Security Tips

1 – Passwords

Passwords need to be three things: Long, complex, and unique.

Why long and complex?

 If your password is your dog’s name, or your football team, with a number on the end, it’s dead easy for the cyber criminals to guess. 

So, make sure your password is at least 12 – 15 characters long, and not a name, town, football club, etc.

Why unique?

Companies running our online accounts get breached, and our username password combinations get sold on the dark web.

If a criminal buys your LinkedIn username & password, they will try that combination on PayPal, Amazon, eBay, Gmail, and Hotmail, because there is a good chance you will have reused that password elsewhere.

A good password manager like Bitwarden or 1Password will make it easy to use long, complex and unique passwords. Or you can use the three random words method (I have talked about that in previous posts).