Have you ever had that sinking feeling?

Have you ever had that sinking feeling?

You know, when you open that document for proposal “x” and instead it contains nothing about proposal “x”, but a load of stuff for a new proposal for “y”.

And you need that stuff on proposal “x” urgently. Where the hell has it gone.

And then you remember.

Five weeks ago you were creating proposal “y”. It was similar to proposal “x”, so you thought you would open up document “x” change the relevant stuff, and save as “y”.

Part way through the editing the phone rang, and you got sidetracked onto something else.

When you came back to that proposal, you must have hit “save” rather than “save as”.

What are you going to do, that’s a whole weeks worth of work down the drain. And you don’t even have a printed copy of it, to re-type.

With my backup solutions, either Redstor backup  or Dropsuite backup, there is no need to panic.

Within minutes you can recover document “x” exactly as it was five weeks ago, before you accidentally messed it up.

Will your backups dig you out of a hole like that?

If not, talk to me about either Redstor backup or Dropsuite backup, before it’s too late and that vital document really has gone missing.


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