Discount vouchers off Dell equipment (between 7% and 15%)

If anyone is buying any Dell equipment in the very near future this will interest you.

I have a limited number of vouchers, coupons, whatever you want to call them giving discounts between 7% and 15%.

These will give additional discount over and above any Dell website special offer prices, so even if the price is heavily discounted anyway, you get even more off.

Please don’t ask for vouchers if you aren’t going to use them, as I only have a limited supply.

I have vouchers for:

🔵 14% off Lattitude, Precision, and Optiplex

🔵 8% off Poweredge 

🔵 7% off Vostro

🔵 10% off XPS

🔵  10% off Alienware

🔵 10% off SE series monitors

🔵 15% off other monitors

Let me know if you want a voucher and which of the above you want it for.

Only one voucher per person (sorry).