Why is SentinelOne more expensive than other anti virus?

You can get anti virus software for free, or you can buy one of the well known consumer anti virus products for less than what SentinelOne costs.

Why is that?

Well, SentinelOne is far more than anti virus. It’s a fully managed Endpoint Detection and Response solution.

Other anti virus products use 25 year old technology (virus definition files) to spot viruses.

But SentinelOne uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to make it far more effective at detecting and killing virus attacks.

Also, you get one of our team of security experts analysing your attack pretty much in real time, and doing threat hunting to identify if further action is necessary.

So far this combination of AI, and subsequent human checking, has proved 100 percent effective for our clients.

SentinelOne costs £14 per month per computer (PC, Mac, or Server) including VAT. So it’s not that much more expensive than other anti virus.

And it’s a lot cheaper than having a successful virus attack on your machines and data.

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