ESET Endpoint Security

From April 2019 we at ASL Computer Services are adding ESET Endpoint Security to our portfolio of managed security products that we provide to our clients.

What is endpoint security? Think of it like a really advanced version of the anti virus solutions that you are probably using at present. Ransomware, malware, and viruses are getting more sophisticated, and endpoint security is the next step beyond traditional anti virus products in protecting yourself from these evolving threats.

ESET Endpoint Security offers a multilayered approach. A single layer of defense is not enough for the constantly evolving threats we are now seeing. ESET Endpoint Security has the ability to detect malware pre-execution, during execution and post-execution. Focusing on more than a specific part of the malware lifecycle allows it to provide the highest level of protection possible. 

We at ASL Computer Services manage your Endpoint Security from a central point called the ESET Security Management Centre. From this centralised control panel we can configure the protection settings and remotely monitor the security of all your computers. We can see if any of your computers are being attacked, and then take appropriate action, For example we can remotely instruct your device to perform a full scan of all it’s files and then we can also remotely examine any subsequent threats found in the scan results. The ability to remotely manage our clients device security from one centralised control panel makes this one of the most sophisticated security solutions available.

Traditionally, managed endpoint security has only been available to the larger multi-national corporations, who have a dedicated security department to monitor the organisations endpoints / workstations. We at ASL are now making this advanced technology available to the small businesses and sole traders throughout the UK at a very affordable price. The cost is £60 per annum per computer including the remote monitoring.

We believe this is the most advanced security product currently available to small businesses in the UK. For more details contact Chris at ASL Computer Services on 07852 159092.