Top Tip Tuesday – Test your backups

Top Tip Tuesday: Make sure your backup system is working correctly. Could you recover a file, folder, or all your data if something got deleted, lost, or corrupted? Can you recover either the latest version, or earlier versions, of any file or folder?

If disaster strikes and you lose or corrupt some of your business data, being able to recover it is critical. My recommendation is that you perform a test recovery of a file or folder, two or three times a year, just to prove your backup system is still functional.

Test it today. Pick one of your most important business files and pretend that it became corrupted fourteen days ago. Using your backup system bring that selected file back as it was fifteen days ago (the day before the simulated corruption). Remember to recover it to a different location, not the original location, as you don’t want to overwrite your most important file with an older version.

Then try recovering the latest version of that file, either from this mornings backup, or a backup at the end of yesterday (also recover this to a different location, don’t overwrite the real version).

If your backup system allows you to recover this important file, both an older version and the latest version, you can rest assured that in the event of a real disaster your backup system will rescue you.

Chris Moody
ASL Computer Services