What do I do?


I help the self employed, sole traders, and small business owners by removing your worries about viruses, malware and data loss.

I help you keep your computers virus free and your company data safe.

I do this using professional business grade anti virus and highly secure offsite backup solutions (with Tier-3 UK based datacentres).

I monitor and manage your security for you, remotely, every single working day.

Contact me for further details.

ESET Endpoint Security
the best virus protection
for your PC or Mac

Do you worry about getting viruses and malware on your business computers?

Are you fed up with your anti virus solution keep on trying to up sell additional privacy or tune up products to you?

How much damage and inconvenience would it cause you if all your online account passwords were compromised? Or if your client data was stolen? Or a Ransomware attack scrambled all your data?

Would you like the worry and stress of protecting your office and home computers from viruses, malware and hackers to go away?

I can help you by providing one of the best professional anti virus solutions currently available.

Whether you have one computer or fifty, I can supply you with ESET Endpoint Security and remotely manage your virus and malware security for you.

It costs £96 per computer per year, or if you prefer it can be paid monthly at £8.00 per month per device.

Let me manage your computer security, giving you one less thing to worry about. Call me for a free trial.


Redstor Backup Pro
professional off site backup

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⭐️ Are you a successful sole trader or small business owner in the UK?

⭐️ Do you worry about the loss or corruption of your business data?

⭐️ How much disruption would it cause to your business if your critical data files were lost or corrupted?

I can help you by providing one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive professional offsite backup solutions currently available. I can protect your data by storing it, fully encrypted, in two high security UK based datacentres, allowing you to restore your data 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in the event of data loss or corruption.

It doesn’t matter if your data is stored on a file server, a desktop computer, a laptop, or in Microsoft OneDrive. I can back your data up remotely for you and monitor that the backups are running correctly every single weekday.

Let me manage your data backups, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Prices start from £18.00 per month including VAT for the 20GB plan on our Redstor Pro fully managed backup service. There are tiered plans to suit most sizes of company:

Price per month incl VAT for varying data sizes
(includes daily monitoring of backups)
20GB £18.00
40GB £36.00
60GB £54.00 (our most popular backup plan)
80GB £72.00
100GB £90.00

Larger data sizes are quoted on an individual basis, for example:
750GB £315 (£262.50 plus VAT)

Call me for more information or a free 28 day trial of my professional offsite backup solution from Redstor, one of the leaders in data backup and disaster recovery.

Avast Business Cloudcare


Avast Business Cloudcare is a business grade anti virus, internet security, VPN solution with the following benefits:

  • Use public WiFi without worrying if others are spying on you data transmissions: Our Virtual Private Network (VPN) can encrypt all your data transmissions when using public WiFi.

  •  Early threat detection: Multiple shields (File / Behavioural / Web / Mail / Phishing) to eliminate viruses, threats and malware before they have any chance of attacking your computers.

  • Easy password management: Helps you manage all your passwords with the built in password manager

Avast Business Cloudcare is priced at £48 per PC per year.

I believe all these products provide some of the best solutions currently available to sole traders, small businesses and domestic computer users within the UK.

With Redstor Backup Pro your data is stored fully
encrypted in two secure UK based datacentres

ASL was formed in 2002 by the proprietor Chris Moody who has over 39 years experience working in the IT industry, and now is a reseller of professional grade backup and anti virus products.

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